How to Order


Choose your flavour level

Choosing a tea base can be complicated, don’t worry, just tell us how strong you want your tea to be, and leave the rest to me.


Suggest a tea base

Our friendly staff will suggest a tea base based on your selection of flavour level. Each tea base has it’s unique taste, your can find out more from our tea guide.


Select sweetness level

Some like it bitter and some like it sweet. At tea spot you can always find you cup of tea.


Estimated waiting time

Good things take time, especially when we brew your tea to your exact liking. We will tell you the estimated waiting time, so you don’t fee like waiting forever.


Enjoy your waiting time

Your tea is on the way, let’s take things slow and enjoy a lovely leisure time in the centre of Burwood.


Your turn

Woo-hoo! Now your tea is ready.


Enjoy your tea

And we will love to see you more often!